glowing testimonies


"I used to have mild sensitive skin and it became worse despite going to many beauty salons and even an aesthetic clinic. My face was so sensitive that even brush of hair could irritate my skin. I was very upset due to the amount of money I spent and in return only got very poor results. Until, I encountered Crystal Palace. They helped me clear all my sensitive skin and acne problems within a very short period of time.I must say I am a very satisfied customer and I wish to thank Crystal Palace. I also strongly recommend Crystal Palace to everyone."


Miss Wong,




"I began visiting Crystal Palace 20 years ago and they have been amazing at transforming my skin to a more radiant and healthy one. I have tried other salons but always come back to Crystal Palace because they take time to understand my problems and provide appropriate solutions. I also receive consultation for beauty needs which I find are helpful to maintain my overall look. Their expertise, down-to-earth nature and sense of care and concern have me telling everyone about their services. Having established a wonderful relationship with Cyrstal Palace, I can guarantee that you will not leave disappointed! Thank you for the many years Crystal Palace, you are truly my beauty savior!"


Kathryn Chek,




“I remember the day I turned up at Crystal Palace to treat the problems on my face. There were red patches on the skin which was due to allergies. They examined my face and advised me on suitable facial treatments and products to be use for my problem. From then, I have been following up on treatments at their salon. Besides the treatments, I have also been using their recommended products. My skin is more firm and radiant now and I do look so much younger.”


Ang Yoke Pheng,




“I used to have acne-prone skin. Several years of trying various skincare brands did not solve my skin problems until my sister introduced me to Crystal Palace. From then on, my skin condition has improved by leaps and bounds after undergoing facial treatment and using their products. Heartfelt thanks to Crystal Palace for reviving my skin and giving back my confidence.”


Lim Mei Hoong,