building a dazzling legacy

Crystal Palace was founded in 1983 by Christy Foo with a small team of dedicated aestheticians. Over the years we have grown from strength to strength to become one of the most prestigious and renowned beauty solutions salon in this region.


We are trusted for our uncompromising quality, unsurpassed services and unwavering commitment to excellence. The trust our clients have in Crystal Palace stems from the fact that Christy, with her vast experience and expertise selects only products of the highest quality which are endorsed by doctors and that are absolutely safe.

Today, we have a team of professionally-trained aestheticians who are experts in their respective fields. Not only are they trained to serve our clients to the best of their capabilities they are also well-versed with the philosophy and hallmarks of Crystal Palace’s core values.


What also sets us apart is our unique and customised beauty treatments and world-class solutions that are offered exclusively at Crystal Palace. This distinct advantage has earned us the respect of our discerning clients and expanded our clientele pool to a fast-growing pool of satisfied and loyal customers.


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